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Broker Support

Why would you and your company want to work with us?

We know you have options in procuring your technology services. Here are a few of the unique reasons to work with us:

We save you time. We do the leg work you don't have time to do. Our extensive portfolio of technology service providers, combined with our large support team of provider and master agent engineers, sales support, special pricing personnel, escalation contacts and more mean we can lift a lot of the burden off of you when you need to find qualified providers to meet a specific business challenge.

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You want to communicate efficiently and when you want. This means you typically want to just send an email, fill out an online form, or look for something in a portal. We have you covered. We have you utilize service provider's online quote and order systems when possible. We also offer online forms to communicate with us. We live in email so that is covered too. And when you are ready to meet, we can meet in-person if warranted or we are really skilled at Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings.

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While it is true that almost all service providers have pricing parity between their direct and indirect channels, the pricing advantage we are talking about is the one of choice. You see, a larger service provider portfolio gives us more pricing options. So more options means visibility to more competitive pricing.

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Answers when you need them

Yes, we are working hard to automate our marketplace and give you the electronic means you want in procuring technology services. That does not mean you have to sacrifice the human touch when you need it. Unlike online retailers, you are supported by a professional technology services  broker that has years of experience and a lot of tools and resources when you need it. And no, they don't hide behind layers of automation. Get a real phone number and real email address to a real person.

Escalation channel

Most of the time things work very well. We all know implementations are never fast enough, but for the most part, things go pretty smooth with our involvement. there is that occasion when, for whatever reason, the wheels come off. We don't transfer you to 1-800-I-DONT-CARE. Nearly all of the service providers we represent have a specific escalation list for us to use in addition to the service providers traditional customer service that you get. What this means is that if the service provider fails to meet their specified Service Level Agreement (SLA) we have additional resources at our disposal to expedite a resolution.

Broker longevity

When the average tenure of a service provider direct sales representatives averages less than a year, how can you expect them to provide you value contract-over-contract?

Compensation Alignment

Not all sales channel are compensated the same. Some, like most direct sales, are given incentives for new acquisition, leaving you with little to no extra support after the sale. Not us. Almost all of service providers hold back money and dole it out to us slowly over the course of the contract. So if you quit the service, we lose money. Our financial incentives are perfectly aligned with your business objectives and satisfaction.


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