Michael Atwood

Michael Atwood


Michael Atwood is a hardworking, young, and upcoming sales broker. Michael has 6 years of experience working in the telecommunications industry. He has an extensive background in technology and communications. He has an Associate in Arts, and is currently studying for a Business Management Bachelor Degree.  Michael brings together the best of the knowledge and understanding involved with sales and technology; in order for him find a solution to every problem.


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Company: Concierge Core Services

Title: Solution Specialist, Broker

Office Location: Mesa, AZ

Sales Geography: US Domestic/Multinational

Vertical Markets: 

  • Banking 
  • Finance 
  • Health Care 
  • Professional Services 
  • Retail 
  • Technology 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Transportation

Michael Atwood

(480) 320-3333

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