Morgan Spencer

About Me

Morgan Spencer has worked in the high-tech industry for over 25 years. Morgan enjoys helping his clients make informed decisions as they explore cutting-edge technology solutions that will improve their business processes, reduce their costs, and enhance their customers’ experience.

What I Do

I help my clients sleep well at night and take stress free vacations. I do this by helping my clients grow their business and solve their problems using proven, reliable, and scalable business-class technology solutions. As a neutral independent technology broker, I help my clients identify and evaluate best-of-breed technology solutions from multiple providers so they can find the most cost-effective solution to meet their immediate and long-term needs (then I am also able to sleep well at night).



Morgan Spencer

(801) 503-0600

Agency: 360 TechBrokers
Title: President, Broker
Office Location: Greater Salt Lake City Area, Utah
Sales Geography: US Domestic/Multinational