About Us


What We Do

We serve as tech liaisons, guiding clients through the maze of technology service evaluation and acquisition. Much like insurance brokers, our compensation comes from the providers we champion, ensuring our recommendations resonate seamlessly with our client’s objectives. Our unbiased stance guarantees that we prioritize sourcing top-notch technology solutions that are both cost-effective and last for the long haul.


Mission Statement

We support clients through offering innovative tech solutions that align with their immediate objectives and long-term vision. Paid for by our Technology Suppliers, our role is to ensure our clients achieve their financial milestones and remain agile in a constantly evolving digital landscape.


Who We Are and Where We Stand

When you meet with a CoreTech Broker, you are meeting with someone who has not only been trained in the most effective technology, communications, and information systems, but someone who adheres to our mission and values. It is our commitment to you and our code of conduct.


Our Value

We stand by our clients at every stage: pre-sale, during the transaction, and post-sale. Acting as your advocate, we are not only prompt you with essential questions like "what if..." and "have you considered...", but also guide you towards insightful answers and solutions to these questions.



CoreTech Broker Values


  • Integrity defines us and how we interact with our clients.
  • We demonstrate honesty in action.

Work Smarter and Harder

  • To support our clients strategic objectives, mission and financial goals.

Enable Continuous Development

  • Our Brokers provide the best service and solutions for our clients.

Build Successful Teams

  • To support solution sets that exceed client expectations.

Overwhelm our clients with meaningful, effective service

Our goal isn’t to sell products. It's to gain partners.



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