Greg LaCoste

About Me

Greg LaCoste has worked in the communication and technology industries for the better part of the last two decades. Greg enjoys teaming up with his clients to find cost-effective, scalable technology solutions that will best support their business processes and enhance both their customers’ and employees’ experiences.

What I Do

I am a technology matchmaker. I partner with my clients to better understand their business processes and goals. My team and I then research, vet, and help source best-of-breed technology solutions from multiple providers that will best support my clients’ business needs now and in the future. Much like an insurance broker, the cost of my services shifts away from my clients to the service providers I represent, so there is no additional cost to your business to add me to your team and utilize my services.



Greg LaCoste

(480) 320-3370

Agency: GEL Cloud Solutions

Title: Technology Services Broker
Office Location: Chandler, AZ
Sales Geography: US Domestic/Multinational