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Clark Atwood

Clark Atwood

Clark Atwood has been a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) business owner, served as the Chairman ... (more in full profile)

Michael Atwood

Michael Atwood is a hardworking, young, and upcoming sales broker. Michael has 6 years of experience ... (more in full profile)

Greg LaCoste

Greg has spent more than 12 years in the Communications and Technology industry working in both direct... (more in full profile)

Brendon Liner

Brendon Liner is the founding partner of nology, a Minneapolis/St. Paul-based cloud integrator... (more in full profile)

Terry Howick

Terry Howick has 32 years of experience in telecommunications as a telephone business systems technician... (more in full profile)

Joe Nemastil

Joe founded The NT Group in 2001 as an independent IT consultancy and brokerage firm. The NT Group....(more in full profile)